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 NovaBackup Review   The Verdict

The NovaBackup 13 suite of downloads are available on a trial basis!


Over 30 features – see list on right; Multi-level prices for casual user to network administration; Separate beginner and advanced screens; Compatible with offline media and online services, priced for specific computer; Online Help: Free manuals, Knowledgebase, Forum, & FAQs; Review in each post covers new subject.

In preparing this product review blog for the NovaBackup Review, I researched many online resources for professional data protection software. The NovaBackup software allows you to decide when and where to back-up your photos, emails, personal folders, and critical personal and business data.

NovaBackup 13 – It’s Here!!!

NovaStor has released NovaBackup 13 – the latest edition of its amazing;y successful NovaBackup Professional software for backup and recovery software for PCs. There are some major additions to the program’s Disaster Recovery abilities and current MovaBackup users will get this release at a super discount. New buyers will have included in the package price free NovaCare Support.

The NovaBackup Professional 13 supports double protection of your PC by supporting local and online backups to “cloud storage” such as Amazon S3.

NovaBackup supports the trend to use online resources for storing and retrieving data, as well as it supports your choice of local media or network servers. The reason the NovaBackup software is so robust is the company, NovaStor has been in business globally for many years and has incorporated user’s preferences for each step of the back-up and restore processes.

The NovaStor company researches, develops and markets data protection and restoration software globally under the name of NovaBackup. The benefits of NovaBackup are:

Automated: Scheduler is easy to setup; fully automated backup.

Media Supported: A variety of media has been tested and is support for compatibility with NovaBackup software.

Recovery Options: NovaBackup records not only the file name for backups, but the file’s date, version, and location for recovery of specific versions.

Redundancy: You may backup to local, network and/or online storage facilities for multiple backups and archives.

Simple but Powerful: Wizards guide you through the initialization of your NovaBackup and you may start the backup immediately.

Speed: Bit Technology identifies incremental changes, and speeds up NovaBackup processes.

System Restoration: NovaBackup may be used to create disk image backup for complete PC, Laptop, or Workstation restoration even when you have total computer loss, such as from theft.

In fact, NovaStor’s software is installed on millions of computers and servers worldwide. The company is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, and NovaStor’s software products are developed in Germany and California USA. The experienced teams at these offices provide advice and technical support to customers, partners and prospective parties.

This Novabackup Review website is devoted to news and updates from Novastor.  The array of software, Novabackup download family of products,  offered by NovaStor is available to private users, to small and medium sized companies, and to large international organizations.

The NovaBackup Product Portfolio includes critical applications for: data protection, data recovery and the long term, legally compliant storage of data. The focus on security and recoverability is apparent in the features built into the product sets. NovaBackup products distinguish themselves through their user-friendliness, high performance and low costs.

Review of Pros

This Novabackup Review is for current and potential users of NovaBackup products.  The current users have voiced opinions that have ranked the product as “Excellent” in some very demanding areas of features and functions. The most revealing are the announcements on the official website in the “Press / News” page. There are new versions of the software for multiple PCs for home and business use, and for remote PCs.

From  a Novabackup review perspective, the most important aspects of the product are:

Experienced Support:

The management team and executives for NovaBackup have over 20 years of experience focused on results in overcoming real world challenges in the computer and data lifecycle industries.

NovaStor has an experienced support department which provides phone support during business hours of 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Pacific Time), online website support, e-mail, as well as via FAX. There is also a user forum for asking questions and sharing information.  I found the FAQs on the NovaBackup website to be very informative about system requirements.


NovaBackup Workstation version at $49.95 and the server version at $149.95.  Coupons are available.

Supported backup media:

Floppy, Zip, Jaz, hard disk, network drive, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W, tape

Compression options:

Uncompressed, or Compressed

Backup file size:

442MB at max compression

Windows versions supported:

9X, ME, XT, 2000, XP

Review of Cons

For this Novabackup review, there are two areas that may be considered by some users of NovaStor backup products to be a “con”: speed and price.

The price for a single workstation is $49.95, however the software contains may more features than traditional free backup programs. The most notable is the built in virus scan that is performed on your files during the NovaBackup  process.

If you are using your computer for personal finance, tax reporting, club memberships, personal or small business blog, ask yourself if you can justify about $50 to have professional encrypted backups. If the computer is lost or stolen, how will you recover the data?

The speed of a backup is a pain if you are waiting for it to complete – it is suggested that you backup when you are not busy and to store the media the next day. There are rotation storage methods that ensure reuse of media and failue of reused media is minimized.  The most recent release has improved the performance and NovaBackup is running faster.

Depending on the size of your files and the use of compression or not, the backup may take from one to four hours. Compression of files takes longer, however very large files shuld be compressed to save media storage.

Novabackup Review

In conclusion, the NovaBackup product is a very robust and well-engineered product. There are levels of features which are priced from low, medium and high for maximum protection. The family of NovaBackup  products, such as the NovaBackup Professional for PCs and Laptops,  can be matched to most everyone’s requirements data protection.

User Interface: One of the features that seem most useful are the Step-by-Step Wizard guides for you to easily backup, restore or manager your critical data in multiple media formats – CD/DVD, online over the internet, or to tape drives, disk drives and other media.

Languages Support: If you are not a native English speaker, you may select one of the multiple language support packages includes Deutsch, Francais, Espanol and Italiano.


1. Learn to launch a job here Nove Backup Review and more about the “Simple View” user interface for beginners.

2. Learn about the Central Management Console (CMC) here NovaBackup Review: special review on the computer agents and how they communicate with the CMC.

3. Learn about the color-coded log file which guides you through a successful back-up here: NovaBackup Review.

If these new features are not important for you let’s not overlook that the NovaBackup Review has discovered over 30 functions in the software that make your life easy when it comes to protecting your files and folders.

The software engineers on the teams in Germany and in California work together to support all Novastor Backup users: individuals and corporations.

If you are unable to find what you need or how to setup your Novabackup program, Click Here to Register for NovaStor Forum.  The knowledgebase and FAQs may offer more guidance as well as the Support Desk.

Return to NovaBackup Review Homepage.

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