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One of the benefits of running the trial is seeing just how easy and fast the NovaBackup software downloads and to see how easy it is to install and use. I recommend that you give this software a test run. You will be very satisfied with the results and will get a chance to learn first hand why NovaBackup professional software has won awards.


NovaBACKUP makes it easy to follow best-practice data protection procedures. Easy setup and step-by-step wizards make this the perfect tool for you and your company, and a great data protection solution for home and small business users.

NovaBACKUP is the reliable and cost-effective data protection software solution, protecting critical information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within safe and easy-to-manage processes and automated schedules.

NovaBACKUP has an improved user interface and industry leading device support giving you the ability to backup your data to CD/DVD drives, online over the internet, or to tape drives, disk drives and other media without interfering with other programs. The Step-by-Step Wizard guides you through performing backup and restoration procedures, and the integrated disk-imaging disaster recovery means you will be up and running fast when the worst happens.

The robust scheduler lets you set automatic backups so you are protected even when you are not home.
Multiple language support includes Deutsch, Francais, Espanol and Italiano.

Copy & Mirror functionality provides a simple method for “twinning” or “mirroring” data and directories in native format.

NovaBACKUP includes integrated Open File Backup for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003 users too, and a whole lot more! NovaStor has been protecting millions of PCs for over 20 years.

NovaBackup Review

The Nova Backup system requirements are: Pentium III or better, 512 MB of RAM minimum, 1,5 GB free hard drive space minimum, Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, TCP/IP network, additional hard drive space is required for backup to disc and CD/DVD.

The Nova Backup software requirements are: Windows XP SP3 , Windows Vista SP2 Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Enterprise / Ultimate, and Microsoft Windows 7. What this means for you is you may create an image of your system and be able to completely restire your PC, Laptop, Workstation, or Server to the same computer or to a different computer in the case of complete loss of original computer.

The Nova Backup supported media are: CD-R/W, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W, External hard drives, USB 1.1 / 2.0, Blu-Ray/Dual Layer, Network storage (SAN, NAS, etc.), FireWire, Tape, PC Card (PCMCIA), N E W Integrated, independent online storage services or FTP-Server (Backup/Copy/Restore). For Image DR, you must have a bootable CD/DVD Recorder and CD/DVD Media and be running Windows XP, 2003, 2008 or Vista, Windows 7 as your operating system.

The Nova Backup Online Storage is with selected ISP partners as listed in the application interface. It is also possible to use FTP and Amazon S3 (Backup/Copy/Restore) with Nova Backup software.

The best advanced features of Nova Backup are:

1. Device Spanning
2. Mapped drive recognition
3. Virus Scanning
4. Data Encryption
5. Open File Backup Support
6. Tape Backup Support
7. Blu-Ray and Removable Media Support
8. Russian and Simple Chinese Support (NEW)

And Much More!!!

Click Here to read about why NovaBackup is better than Microsoft Backup for Vista PCs. This article explains Vista complete PC Backup using NovaBackup.

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